Monday, October 25, 2010

Kings of ballet dance: Rudolf nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev
Rudolf nureyev born in a Siberian train near Siberia while her mother was traveling to Vladivostok. I guess Rudolf born with the dance because he was born in a moving train. He started to love the dance on the performance of his sisters into the ballet. At the age of twenty he became one of the famous soviet union dancers. Rudolf was defected by soviet union because he broke the rules and danced with foreigners. He was not allowed to soviet until 1989 and during his visit he danced with the kirov ballet in Leningrad.
Rudolf danced most of its ballet with an elderly dancer Margot fonteyn and he danced with Margot first in royal ballet. They both danced together for many years and nureyev danced with fonteyn till at the age of 50. Rudolf said to Margot that they danced with “one body, one soul.” Nureyev appeared in a film in 1962 and then he appeared in several films and toured all over the united states and died in 1992 due to the attack of aids.


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