Friday, October 29, 2010

Ballet dance: How to Behave Responsibly at a Ballet?

Professional ballet dancers spend countless hours preparing for a performance. They are expected to follow several rules of etiquette for their audience, both backstage and onstage, to ensure a successful, entertaining show. It is the responsibility of the audience, in return, to respect the dancers by also following a few rules of etiquette. Remember the following rules of etiquette the next time you attend a ballet performance.

Arrive on Time
It is considered courteous to arrive on time, even a bit early, to a ballet. Some theaters do not allow late seating, meaning you may not be able to enter the performance hall once the ballet has begun. Ballet audiences become extremely annoyed at people walking in front of or stepping over them, as a ballet is simply ruins the moment. If you must be late, wait until the first intermission to find your seat. Sometimes there will be a pause or a break with enough time for an usher to help you find a temporary seat.

Be Silent
Once the ballet has begun, be as quiet as possible. Do not talk, unwrap candy, tap your feet, or make any other sounds. Cell phones have become a major distraction at live performances. Make sure your cell phone is turned off or silented, and never attempt to answer a call.

Don't Take Pictures
Don't even bother bringing your camera. Dancers rely heavily on lighting during a performance...a flash could interrupt their spotting technique, or even blind them for a second or two, which could result in injury. Some theaters have laws against cameras of any kind.


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