Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ballet dance: How to create a dance routine?

Once you have learned a few dance steps, try putting a few of them together to music. It's fun and simple to create your own dances, and it's a great way to practice new steps. Try dressing up in an old costume or leotard and have a mini-recital at home.
  • Choose the music.

  • Pick out a song that has a strong beat to make it easier to put steps to.

  • Decide on an opening pose.

  • Choose the way you will be standing when the music begins.

  • Plan steps in counts of 8.

  • 8-counts are easiest to fit steps to.

  • Plan the steps for the chorus.

  • Perform the same sequence of steps each time the chorus is played. This will make the routine interesting by adding repetition.

  • Decide on a finishing pose.

  • Strike a strong pose on the last notes of the song.

  • Practice.

  • The more you practice, the better your routine will be.
  • Choose your best, most striking moves for the chorus.

  • Use familiar steps that you are confident in performing.

  • Hold your finishing pose for at least a few seconds.

  • Memorize the steps in relation to the words of the song, to make it easier to remember.


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