Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ballet dance: Pointe Shoe Fitting Problems

pointe shoe fitting problemsFitting pointe shoes can be tricky. Finding a pointe shoe that fits your foot properly can take time, as every brand of pointe shoes fits the foot a little differently.

Once you find the right pointe shoe for your feet, you may need to do some tweaking in order to find just the right fit. Here are five common pointe shoe fitting problems and easy solutions.
Big Toe Pain or Bruised Toenail
If you are feeling pain in your big toe or experiencing bruised toenails, first check to make sure the shoe is not too short or too wide. Once you are sure the fit is correct, try the following techniques:
  • Gel or Foam Cushion: Place a small cushion made of gel or dense foam underneath your big toe. The cushion should lie between the outer corner of your big toe and the inside of the pointe shoe. The cushion should be large enough to reach the top of your toenail.

  • Foam Liner: Place a thin foam liner on the inside of the toe box, resting it on top of your foot. The foam will prevent your foot from sliding down into the toe box and putting pressure on your big toe.
Long Second Toe
If your second toe is longer than your big toe, taping a piece of gel or foam to the tip of your big toe will make it the same length as your second toe. Another solution is to take the pressure off of your second toe by using a cescent-shaped cushion.

Space Between Big Toe and Second Toe
If your second toe is longer than your big toe, you might have excessive space between the two. This problem sometimes results in pain at the bunion joint. Try using a toe separator in the space. If pain persists, a podiatrist or orthopedist can help with bunion pain.

Sore Spots or Chafing
If you are prone to sore spots or chafing skin, taping can help tremendously. Try taping sore toes with an elasticized foam tape.

Pointe Shoe Slides Off the Heel
If the heel of your pointe shoe is sliding off of your foot, first check to make sure the shoe is not too big or too small. If the fit is correct and the ribbons and elastics are doing their job, try a peel-and-stick heel gripper. Try cutting the gripper strip in half and placing a piece on each side of the heel seam of the shoe.


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