Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When should you buy new pointe shoes?

The average life of a ballet pointe shoe is only around 4 to 12 hours of dancing. Pointe shoe life varies depending on what type of shoe paste the manufacturer uses, how the shoes are treated between classes, how much the ballet dancer perspires, how strong the dancer is, the number of classes the dancer takes, how long the dancer practices, and which steps are performed, to name a few.

Pointe shoes usually need to be replaced when the platform is no longer stiff, when the box becomes too soft, or when the shank no longer offers proper support. You will notice these things by feeling pain in areas you never feel. You may also start falling off pointe when you try to balance, or fall forward out of turns. If the toe box or shank becomes mushy, soft, cracked or bent in any way form, it is definitely time for a new pair of pointes.

It is imperative that the box offers complete support. If your shoes are wearing out frequently, try not to put all of your weight on the box. Try instead to use your own muscles for the support you need.


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